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Tips For A Beautiful Kitchen

November 4, 2016 Blog

kitchenIn most places, the kitchen is the heart of a home. It is here where all family members gather for warmth and love. They share their day over the meals cooked in the kitchen. So in a way, this place becomes the most important of all. The kitchen sustains life at home. Then wouldn’t it be lovely if you could arrange it so beautifully and neatly? Home Storage Junkie offers you a wide range of options to organize your kitchen neatly. You can get more ideas by going through the below link”-

Measurements and more measurements
It doesn’t matter whether you have a big kitchen or a small one. What matters is the correct utilization of space. For this, you need to have the correct measurements. Carefully measure out the space designed for each shelf. Measure the height and width of your jars, storage tins, glasses, microwave oven, grinders, hand mixers and everything else. Yes, it is a tiresome process, but believe it or not, this measurement process is going to make things so much easier when the shelves are done.

Organize your groceries
Keep separate containers for groceries. This way you will remember when something gets over and can easily restock it. More than that you will not have to go find space if you already have a tin/jar ready for that item. Fill it, use it, and stock it again. That’s all. Cereals, pulses, dry fruits, spices can all go into separate storage containers. Here you have to note not to keep things until their expiry date. Stock them as per your utility only.

Open spaces
You don’t have to cram up everything into the closed spaces. You will always have space to keep some open shelves. This way the whole place will not feel cramped up and you will have easy access to things.

Roll out storage or Pull-out organizers
This is a wonderful piece of invention. Totally space saving and extremely useful it is. You can utilize the entire space when you use a pull out is perfect to store your cutlery,plates, bowls etc. It is also known as roll out drawer. The kitchen is quite incomplete without this feature. It helps save such a lot of space, particularly in small kitchens. you can also have three to four drawers together. You will be amazed to see how many of the utensils go into these roll out compartments.

Make use of dowel rods
These rods can easily slide into existing spaces. You can utilize these to hang towels, arrange plates and many more items. It saves a lot of space and money also.

Leave no space undiscovered
You can even use the portion below the kitchen zinc to store your dish washing soaps, kitchen rugs, floor cleaner etc. Pop up containers, square containers are all excellent options for storage.

Use light colors
Shades of white or gray enlarge the appearance of the kitchen. It lightens up the room and gives a feel of largeness.

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